How Powrx Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

A New You

Using Powrx Vibration Trainers™ helps stimulate an immediate increase in circulation. Increased blood flow helps promote cell growth, organ function and your ability to fight off bacteria and infection that comes into contact with the body. Your heart rate lowers, heart muscles relax and blood pressure flows evenly and smoothly. Good circulation is essential to looking and feeling healthy, it helps keep your mind sharp and focused. To top it all off Vibration Training can even help to reduce toxins and the appearance of cellulite for a radiant & healthier new you.


Weight Loss

Regular use of a Powrx Vibration Trainer™ combined with sound nutrition can help you to burn fat, lose weight and tone your muscles. The deep vibration movement of the Powrx Vibration Trainer™ stimulates your muscles to contract many more times than performing an exercise without it, which is imperative for quick & healthy results. Just twenty minutes of intense exercise with the Powrx Vibration Trainer™ can give you similar results of 1 hour’s regular exercise. Your muscles are worked harder, faster and much more efficiently which offers unrivalled results and can provide that body you have always desired.


Healthier Bones

The precise and active vibrations that are given from all of the Powrx Vibration Trainers™ can help improve bone mineral density, increase strength, improve balance, improve posture and research suggests it could be a viable solution to the elimination of Osteoporosis. The Powrx Vibration Trainers™ low strain, comfortable, safe & short duration practices makes it possible for the most fragile or injured individual to feel its powerful benefits.



At Powrx, we give you more than just an exercise machine. Our Vibration Plates offer the capacity for whole body massage and relaxation. It passively works all the muscle groups in the body, increasing circulation instantly, and aiding in the relief of pain for enhanced relaxation. Deep Lymphatic vessels are stimulated to aid in the flow and removal of the waste within the body. Paired with the sound banishing Dual Suspension Technology™ you really can reap the rewards of relaxation.