Two Great Training Offers!

At Powrx we're not just interested in selling you a vibration plate - we're passionate about health and fitness and will go that extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Personal Training Plans

We have three levels of personal training plans designed by our own health and fitness experts. These unique plans are FREE with a purchase of a Powrx vibration plate from this website. You can read full details of all our plans here.

Our plans range from our...

Amazing Triple XXX Plan - a full one-year plan including a face-to-face consultation, monthly updates and quarterly reviews, ongoing trainer support to answer your question, plus discounts on Powrx products for the duration of the plan. (Free with our Professional range)

Our Double XX Plan - A six month programme with the support of a personal trainer, monthly updates and quarterly reviews to help you get the most from your VT. This plan also includes discounts on Powrx products for the length of the plan. (Free with our Active Evolution plates)

The Pro X Plan - A 45 minute, one-to-one telephone conversation to help you get the most from your new vibration plate. Our personal trainer will design a plan to be delivered online so you can achieve your goals. (Free with our Home Pro plates)

For full details of all these plans, please click here.

2. Creative Vibration Training (CVT)

Creative Vibration Plate Training

For all our Personal/ Home User customers we offer a unique onsite personal introduction to vibration training called the Creative Vibration Training (CVT) Programme.

The Creative Vibration Training programme is designed to introduce You, the participant, to Vibration Training and enable You to use this latest technology to achieve your specific personal Health and Fitness Goal.        

All specialist trainers are NASM qualified and you will receive a certificate of attendance.

The CVT Programme includes a general introduction, an assesment of your personal abilities, establishing your personal goals and your very own tailor-made Vibration Plate exercise programme.

Below is a brief introduction to the programme.

a) General introduction to Vibration Training

This includes explaining the technology of vibration training in general, how it works and what the physical benefits are.

b) Assessment of personal abilities

This includes an assessment of your physical abilities, your exercise history and your medical history. The collected data will help the trainer to design a personalized training programme taking into consideration all the above.

c) Goal Setting

This is a very important part of the programme. It is absolute essential for the trainer to understand clearly what you are trying to achieve with Vibration Training and the time frame you are allowing yourself.

d) Programme Design

This is the part of the programme where the trainer will take you through a series of exercises that will help you to achieve your desired goal. The trainer will note all Timer and Hz Setting, the exercise routine and your ability to compile an entire personalized Vibration Training Programme for you.

e) Duration

The course will take 2-3 hours to complete.


How much will it cost?

The CVT Programme is Free with any Pro Evolution or G-Plate.

Normal charge for the CVT programme is £275 (VAT incl) plus travel for a qualified trainer to visit you at your premises.  The cost allows for 1 personalized CVT session and 1 personalized CVT programme design, but we allow for up to 4 people to participate in the session.

The course will take between 2 to 3 hours to complete.

For further information or to book a visit from one of our experts please contact us