The Gymball verses The Chair

Many of us spend the majority of our professional lives sitting, which makes the office chair an all-important piece of furniture. Research from the journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association has revealed that the trusty chair doesn't always provide the best source of support for your lower and upper back.

Even though the research on the debate whether the trusty chair can sit in the same room as the gym ball is mixed. Many people now have decided to swap their chairs for gym balls for these reasons:


The gym ball helps improve postural imbalances through helping to strengthen your sensory and neuromuscular coordination. Poor balance can contribute to lower-back pain, neck pain, arm numbness and tingling, as well as chronic ankle and knee pain or instability.


Gym balls can be used in a variety of ways which help the user in stretching, strength, balance and as an alternative seating option. the other advantage of a gym balls versatility is it can be easily moved and stored within the home, gym or office.

Functional Fitness

Using an exercise ball can improve your core strength which includes the muscles around the torso, these muscles are sometimes neglected. A weak set of core muscles can result in poor posture which can lead to back injury. Strong posture helps maintain balance and performance, whether that be bending down to pick up the post or participating in physical activity.

Back Health

Sitting on a ball is also great for your lower back. Because your pelvis moves while you're on the ball, your muscles are prevented from going into spasm due to prolonged contractions from holding the same position. Try it. Your back will thank you for it!


Alternative seating options such as gym balls can improve your concentration, alertness and calmness due to the increased blood flow through the brain, spine and back. The gym ball also allows the user to improve their lung capacity, through the constant adjustment of their posture which improves chest expansion and breathing.


Last but not least, the gym ball comes in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit the person which is a fun way to accessories any home, gym or office. If you ever feel stressed or annoyed the gym ball allows you to get up and bounce away from your troubles.


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