Who needs Core Training?

What’s all that talk about Core Exercises?core and stability exercise

Whichever way we turn nowadays there is talk about Core training, Stability exercises, Balance workouts, but what is this really all about? Why are fitness expert so keen on incorporating core and stability exercises in any personal training session?

Core Training Simplified

The movement of every single joint in our body happens because our muscles are attached to our various joints and when the muscles contract and lengthen our joints move. The type, quality and speed of the movement is determined by the amount of resistance added and the speed of the re-sponse of the muscle.

However not all our muscles do the work they are supposed to do at the right time, at the right speed and with the correct amount of strength. This work/demand imbalance then leads to a joint not moving as effectively as we might like. The joint becomes unstable.

'Big Brother' steps in

As a natural consequence in order to re-stabilise the joint certain muscles will try and play ‘big brother’, they begin to take over some responsibility in order to re-stabilise the joint. These ‘big brothers’ often bite off more than they can chew. With that those muscles become over responsive, overloaded, they get injured. In addition our joints start suffering from overuse, they begin to show wear and tear, can be become arthritic and painful.

'It's more than just standing on one legbalance exercise

The aim of well-structured core and stability exercises is to address the muscular strength imbal-ances by challenging the weakened muscles and taking some work off the overly strong and often tight muscles. In response to that your joints will be running smoothly again, without pain or discom-fort. Your overall physical ability will be greatly improved.

Core and stability training is now an inte-gral part of every professionally designed training plan, whether you are a fitness enthusiast and want to get fitter , or a professional athlete looking to improve your sports performance and avoid injury .

Benefits of Core, Stability and Balance Training

Improved physical ability
Improved sports performance 
Injury prevention for muscles and joints
Confidence building Improved skill in technical sports
Shot accuracy in all ball sports including tennis, football, basketball and golf
Reduced joint pain to include knee and ankle, shoulders, neck, lower back
Improved joint support for skiing, snowboarding, hiking and trekking
Maintain / regain independence for the elderly generation
Rehabilitation post-surgery, accident or injury
Pre and post-natal training, reintroduction to working out

Core Stability and Balance Cushion

By using a balance cushion or board you will challenge your core by ‘forcing’ it to perform stability exercises whilst having to respond to the instability of the cushion or board. Working out on balance cushion or balance board creates a greater and faster neuromuscular re-sponse of the targeted muscles. You can train your entire muscle and joint system on a balance cushion or board.

Just follow the exercises on our training chart.