How to Reduce Cellulite with Vibration Training



Whilst the BBC  program ‘The Truth About Looking Good‘ has shown that manual dry brushing showed a 26% improvement in the appearance of cellulite we at POWRX have  very successfully trialled the use of Vibration Training as a very speedy way to reduce cellulite , especially on legs and buttocks.


Trials have shown you will get 10 times faster results with a vibration plate.



Powrx Home Pro 2.0, fat distribution on left thigh and buttock.
Vibration intensity 35Hz for 1 min

Whilst manual dry brushing will help in the distribution of the fat that sits under your skin and gives you the ‘bubbly‘ appearance, this can be very tiresome and time consuming.


Fat distribution at inner left thigh.
Vibration intensity 40 Hz for 1 min)

By increasing the vibration intensity you will speed up the fat distribution under your skin and therefore see the appearance of cellulite reduce at a much faster rate.

In addition the physical pressure required to achieve fat distribution manually will not be a concern in vibration training as the vibration intensity combined with your body weight will make this treatment  literally effortless.

And let's not forget to mention the additional toning and circulatory benefits that you will achieve whilst ‘smoothing’ away the appearance of your cellulite.

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