So How Does It Work?

Vibration Training was originally developed when NASA was faced with a dilemma when their astronauts returned from their space mission and did not have the muscular strength to hold themselves up and walk.

Since our muscles usually respond or resist against gravity the astronauts had spent a significant amount of time in zero gravity so their muscular system had nothing to respond to and therefore became non functional.

However through the introduction of vibration technology the astronauts were able to stimulate their muscular system by responding to the vibration. 

Why Does It Work?

The muscle toning response to vibration is a subconscious contraction to the vibration. And since we can determine the vibration frequency ( i.e. 25 Hz, means the plate vibrates 25 times per sec-ond ) we can speed up the training effect but also the intensity of the training. This means that you will achieve optimum training results in a very short period of time. It is estimated that with vibration training you achieve your goals 10 times faster than with conventional training methods.

The Benefits of Vibration Training

The benefits for your health and well-being are many.

  • Great toning of the entire body
  • Improved flexibility
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Great shape
  • Speedier training results
  • Greater muscle fibre recruitment
  • New training stimulus
  • Higher energy levels
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Much improved circulation
  • Massaging for relaxation and stress relief
  • Minimal training time required, 10 min/day

What Type of Plate Should I Buy?

The only type of vibration plate that will actually deliver the results you are looking for is a plate that features ‘Vertical vibration “. Beware of manufacturers claiming their products are vibration plates, when they merely offer a platform that pivots from side to side. An oscillating plate does not vibrate. Only plates that feature vertical vibration will deliver the results you are looking for. There is also no such thing as a tri-planar vibration.

So how do you spot the difference?

It's simple. The price. A vertically vibrating plate holds some very advanced technology and will therefore always be slightly more costly than a ‘wobble plate ‘ . Please note , technically speaking, an oscillating plate is not a vibration plate .

Who Can Benefit?

Vibration training will benefit anyone that wishes to get fitter, stronger and healthier.  Whether you are a keen fitness fan, professional sportsperson or have never exercised in your life, vibration training will benefit everybody.  Depending on your level of fitness you can choose your most suitable vibration frequency and intensity to get started and then gradually increase either of them to progress up to a greater level of training. 

Recommended Training Plan for Beginners

These recommendations serve as a guideline only. As everyone’s physical adaptation will differ some users may want to in- or decrease the intensity sooner or a little later. In general we do suggest that quality time over quantity time spent on the vibration plate will be most beneficial to the user and deliver the best results.

( Click on the image below to see our training programmes for beginners to advanced level.)

(A) Strength exercises for upper and lower bodyvibration training exercise programme

Week 1 and 2

3 times per week / 10-12 mins per session

25 Hz or lowest setting available / 30 secs/low amplitude

Repeat interval 2- 3 times per chosen exercise

Week 3.and 4.

3 - 4 times per week / 12 -14 mins per session

25 Hz/ or lowest setting available / 45 secs/low amplitude

Repeat interval 2-3 times per chosen exercise

Week 5 and 6.

4 times per week/ 14 -20 mins per session

25 Hz/ 30Hz or next Hz step available / 45 secs/ low amplitude

Repeat interval 2-3 times per chosen exercises.

(B) Massage

For massage purposes you can choose from 35Hz to 50 HZ over a 1 min period. Repeat twice per chosen exercise/position.

(C) Stretching

For stretching exercises we suggest to increase the frequency from day to day in small increments per session starting with 30 sec intervals for weeks 1-4 . Then the length of time can be increased if needed.

You can also see an example of an exercise for your legs and gluts from our Beginners Programme here.

Also, see how WBV can help improve your heart health here.

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How To Advance

The introductory programme will allow the user to be well prepared to increase training times and intensity as desired . The muscular system will be well conditioned to deal with more challenging exercises and help you achieve fantastic results in a short period of time.

For more details on how Powrx can help you please click here.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions that you might have. You can email us here or call us on 01908 669671. We are here to help you get the best out of your vibration plate.


Health Warning:  Always consult your physician before engaging in vibration training or any other physical activity.