POWRX Vibration Training Tips - Legs and Gluts

SIngle Leg Lunge, Alternating Legs

This particular exercise is one of the most effective exercises to shape and tone your legs and buttocks.

The Single Leg Lunge on the Powrx Active Evolution 4.0 HPS Vibration Plate will set your muscles on fire. The vertical vibration works your hamstrings, quadriceps and glut muscles work 10 times faster than any conventional exercise.

If time is of essence and you want to make sure you look toned before you leave to go to a party, this exercise will get it all done for you in under 3 minutes. Just hop on, 6 x 30 secs, alternating sides.

Here are some options on how to perform the Single Leg Lunge on a vibration plate:

1. Stand close to the platform, take a short lunge forward , place one foot in the middle of the platform. Hold statically for 30 secs at 25 Hz. Repeat 3 times with each leg.

2. Stand further away from the plate for a deeper, more challenging lunge and greater calorific expenditure

3. Increase length of time of hold and Hz frequency for deeper toning and strength building.

4. Perform exercise more dynamically, i.e. changing legs every 3 secs for a 1-2 min duration.

5. Hold light dumbbells and incorporate some upper body exercise for more calorie burning .

6. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the rewards, It takes no more than 10 min / per day to get into amazing shape.

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