Pro Evolution 4.0 HPS

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The Pro Evolution 4.0 HPS (High Performance Suspension) is our most powerful plate... but also the quietest. The new, German-designed suspension system delivers a  workout to challenge even elite athletes yet is virtually silent in operation,

This commercial quality plate is both robust, stylish and easy to use. It comes with four pre-set programmes for all your exercise needs at the push of a button. And the facility to save your own individised programmes is ideal for those taking their health and fitnessseriously or commercial gymnasiums. 

But it doesn't stop there. The 4.0 HPS  also allows you to design and store up to four different  user programmes - ideal for personal trainers.

This machine is purpose made for any kind of user, from the novice to the high performance athlete. Made to run 24/7 whilst delivering great training results. Powrx guarantees outstanding durability and service!

And to get you ready for getting into the best shape of your life for 2017, we're offering a great fitness pack worth £150 with every purchase. This includes our vibration training poster, exercise ball, balance cushions and resistance training bands.

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Available in silver, white or grey


  • Frequency Range: 25 - 50Hz
  • Frequency Adjust: 1Hz steps
  • Dimensions: 151 x 89 x 99cm
  • Machine Weight: 120 kg
  • Power Supply: 230VAC, 50 / 60Hz Universal Voltage
  • Nominal Power: 350W
  • 2 Year Domestic Warranty / 1 Year Commercial on motor
  • 2 Year Domestic Warranty on parts


  • Colour: Silver/Black
  • Time: 30-180 seconds, can be set in single increments
  • Vibration: Vertical up to 50 times per second
  • Vertical Displacement/ Amplitude 1-2mm Low/ 3-4mm High
  • Maximum Load: 396lb / 180kg
  • Quick-Start programs
  • Upper and lower LCD displays
  • Make your own programs/User programme feature
  • Dual Power Suspension™ Technology
  • Training straps
  • Exercise Mat

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