Mum and Baby Workout

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Complete Exercise Programme on A2 Wall Chart

This unique 'Mum and Baby Workout' has been designed for busy new mums to get back into shape while spending time with their baby!

The complete program covers exercises for the upper body, lower body, abdominals, core and cardio. A great way to help all new mums to get back into working out, seeing results fast whilst having fun with your baby.  A fantastic tool to introduce your young child to movement, rhythm and coordination. We suggest you display the chart in baby's room, a bedroom or even the bathroom, or any room you have a little bit of floor space.

Simply choose 2-3 exercises, 2x day for great results.

  • No need to go to the gym to get fit.
  • Bonding and playing with your baby whilst working out and getting fit again.
  • 20 exercises for upper and lower body, core, abdominals and fat burning cardio.
  • All exercises come training suggestions in sets and reps.
  • 2-3 exercises, 2 x day for fast results
  • Baby learns movement, rhythm and coordination.
  • Wall/ Door Chart , A2 ( 42cm x 59.4cm)


£3.50 for EU and Worldwide orders

New Mums and Exercise (by Shakira Akabusi, course designer)

Although it’s advised that you wait until your 6-week check to engage in any intense exercise. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) recommends that, “if pregnancy and delivery are uncomplicated, a mild exercise programme consisting of walking and pelvic floor exercises may begin immediately”.

Your pelvic floor muscles run from your coccyx (at the back) up to your public bone (at the front) and form the base of your pelvis. Supporting not only your organs (bladder, urethra etc) but also your spine and helping to control bowel and bladder functions.

You may wish to begin working on your pelvic floor lying down and build up to a seated and finally standing position. Try to do this approximately 3-5 times a day for 5 minutes. In order to test the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, you should be able to stop your urine midstream. However this should be tested on rare occasions.

Probably the most useful piece of advice I could give is getting creative with your workouts. The key to a successful fitness programme is to enjoy the process. Nothing makes working out less enjoyable than doing the same exercises over and over again!

Get Creative!

I started by using everyday objects such as a cooking pot, can of beans or broom handle as weights and leavers. I jammed my broom between chairs and jumped over the top, practiced core stability by standing on a cooking pot with one leg and lifted tin cans (and wine bottles) as weights.

However, as my son got older and more active, I started to workout with him, using his bodyweight as a dumbbell. Whether squatting with him on my shoulder, shoulder pressing him over my head or doing ab curls with him sat across my stomach, exercise became a great bonding experience. Most importantly, remember to vary the type of exercise you do. Stretching and complete rest days are just as crucial as cardio and weight training. Tight muscles don’t work properly. Keep hydrated and always refuel with carbohydrates and lean protein.

And,what better way to inspire a healthy lifestyle then to lead by example? And you can do this with my unique 'Mum and Baby Workout!'

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