Home Pro 1.0

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Plus FREE personal training plan and exercise chart - see below

Get into shape fast with our new lightweight, compact Home Pro 1.0 - now in a superb wood effect finish.

Now you can lose those unwanted pounds and unsightly inches in the comfort of your living room, and then store it away under a chair or behind your sofa when done. Plus you can choose the style to suit your room as the Pro 1.0 is now available in either contemporary black & white, or a classic wood grain finish - see photos.

And to make things even better, vibration training on this plate has been found to  reduce the appearance of cellulite. For more information, please click here.

But don't be deceived by its size! The Pro 1.0's powerful motor delivers a powerful punch to give you a challenging workout for fast results.

It's so simple - just unpack, plug in, and you're ready to go! And the remote control makes it even easier to change programme and settings while you continue your workout. Its 3 pre-set programmes, wide frequency range and innovative Modus Wave setting (varies the frequency automatically) will give you a challenging and varied training session whether using your plate for toning, stretching, weight loss or just for relaxation.

The Powrx Home Pro 1.0 is suitable for the novice, the elderly to help improve circulation and balance, or due to its portability, those experienced in vibration training looking for a second plate to use on-the-run.


* Improve strength and tone

* Improve stamina and cardio vascular fitness

* Advanced core strength

*  Regain/maintain functional fitness

* To aid weight loss

* Increase stability, balance and confidence for the slightly elderly

* Improve blood circulation 

* Increase energy levels

* MS suffers to encourage neuromuscular stimulation

* ME sufferers to engage in physical activity without exertion 

* Fibromyalgia sufferers to release muscle tension and pain

* Post surgery / Rehabilitation to regain muscle tone and strength

* Wheel chair users to achieve muscle stimulation and improve circulation.



Stylish contemporary look and feel
Available in black & white or wood grain finish
Machine dimension: 58 cm x 54.5 cm x 12 cm)
Vertical vibration for fast results
Max User Weight: 100 kg
Vibration frequency: 35HZ- 50HZ (adjustable in 5 Hz increments)
Platform size: 40 x 53cm
Timer Settings: 30, 60, 120, 180 secs.
200 Watt motor
Product weight: 8 KG
Remote Control
Giant training programme wall chart

2 year warranty

So why not make a start today and get the body you've always wanted with the Home Pro 1.0!

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